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European gas flows 2011

The map shows physical gas flows in Europe in 2011. It was compiled by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) based on data from the International Energy Agency (IEA). Click on map to get a larger version. … Continue reading

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UK energy flows 2012

I am on holiday this week, but want to try and keep Energy Matters ticking along with a couple of very short posts with complicated charts. The above chart is called a Sankey diagram produced by DECC. Sankey diagrams are … Continue reading

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The changing face of UK electricity supply

Figure 1 Stacked area chart showing the contributions to the UK grid from various generating sources for March 2013. Similar charts for January, February and April can be found in an earlier post. With 9000 lines of data, it is … Continue reading

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BM reports provide instantaneous updates on the generating sources to the UK grid. Gridwatch has been recording this data for years and making it publicly available in an easy to access format. This post presents detailed charts of UK generating mix for January to April 2013. It is a prelude to a more detailed dissection of UK generating mix, and in particular the impact of wind on the grid, that will be published later this week. Continue reading

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It’s cold up north

With energy price rises once again making headlines I feel compelled to chip in with some UK climate data and its bearing on the social justice debate of charging northern Scots more for their gas than the southern English. The … Continue reading

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UK electricity demand, GDP and energy policy

In our industrialised society, energy consumption and gross domestic product (GDP) are correlated. We use energy, large quantities of it, to make stuff and to do things that combined add up to make GDP. A single Man equipped with a … Continue reading

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UK electricity generation statistics 1920 – 2012

With energy prices and energy policy very much in the news, it is timely to take a detailed look at the history of UK electricity production. The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) are once again to be … Continue reading

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Electricity supply and demand for beginners

One of the ambitions I have for Energy Matters is to write some simple posts aimed at providing members of the public, media and politicians with the basic information required to make value judgements about energy supplies and climate change. … Continue reading

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UK North Sea Oil Production Decline

The streets of Aberdeen are lined with Range Rovers, Porsches and Audis. New commercial property and residential developments are popping up all over and around the city. It is boom time in Europe’s oil capital. And yet UK North Sea … Continue reading

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IPCC AR5: Unprecedented uncertainty

Since it is one of my core objectives with Energy Matters to place the veracity of climate science under the microscope I can hardly avoid commenting on the IPCC AR5 Summary for Policy Makers that was published on Friday 27th … Continue reading

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