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Parasitic wind killing its host

Every now and then I read a report that makes me angry. This one made my blood boil: National Grid has confirmed that a record-breaking amount of clean electricity was generated by wind power in the UK today [29th November] … Continue reading

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What is the real cost of shale gas?

In this second part of three in this mini series on “Shale gas myths and realities” I want to address one of the central questions surrounding this new bounty and that is whether or not shale gas is cheap or expensive? What is the real cost of shale gas? “Some wells are profitable at $2.65 per thousand cubic feet, others need $8.10…the median is $4.85,” attributed to Ken Medlock, Senior Director of Rice University’s Baker Institute Center for Energy Studies. Continue reading

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Blowout week 47

This week in Blowout: UK: David Cameron wants to get rid of all the Green crap (according to sources), his cabinet colleague Ed Davey says getting climate deal is critical, Alex Salmond accuses Cameron of hastening planetary suicide and Nigel … Continue reading

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Shale gas myths and reality – part 1

With European energy security draining away, any discussion about our energy future should begin with energy security, price and a rounded assessment of the impact that new energy supplies may have upon our environment. European primary energy production peaked at 1136 million tonnes oil equivalent (mmtoe) in 1997 and has since fallen 15% to 970 mmtoe in 2012[1]. Continue reading

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Marcellus shale gas Bradford Co Pennsylvania: production history and declines

From a standing start in 2009, natural gas production from the Marcellus Shale in Bradford County Pennsylvania (PA) now exceeds 2.2 billion cubic feet (bcf) per day from 728 wells (to end June 2013). This report examines the production history, decline rates and average well performance en route to assessing the potential impacts of shale gas developments in Europe. Continue reading

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Blowout week 46

In energy news this week: oil and gas companies struggling with high costs and poor field performance; Electricity companies struggling with competition from subsidised renewables and environmental levies; Airline companies struggling with old inefficient planes and high fuel costs; the Arab Spring continues to spread misery in the Arab world. Continue reading

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LNG Heading East

This is an energy story about an earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster, escalating gas prices, global LNG heading East and the inability of Europe to address the problem of its energy security draining away. While the USA is drilling, Europe is contemplating it’s futile stand against global CO2 emissions and deploying wind turbines and solar panels. Continue reading

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UK temperatures since 1956 – physical models and interpretation of temperature change

In this post we present evidence that suggests 88% of temperature variance and one-third of net warming observed in the UK since 1956 can be explained by cyclical change in UK cloud cover. The post is co-authored by Clive Best and builds … Continue reading

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The link between sunshine and temperature based on UK climate records since 1933

This post shows how UK surface temperatures since 1933 are influenced by changes in net cloud cover and is co-authored with Dr Clive Best, a physicist who has formerly worked at CERN and on the Jet nuclear fusion experiment. Summary Terrestrial … Continue reading

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The Failure of Kyoto and the Futility of European Energy Policy

The Kyoto Protocol, designed to limit CO2 emissions from industrialised nations was adopted in 1997. The first commitment period began in 2008 and ended in 2012. These landmark dates are marked by arrows on Figure 1. In this period, the … Continue reading

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Energiewende: Germany, UK, France and Spain

This week’s main post will be titled “The failure of Kyoto and the futility of European Energy Policy” and in this context I wanted to have a quick look at German energy consumption since Germany has come to symbolise the … Continue reading

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