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Oil Production Vital Statistics August 2015

The main action this month has been on the oil price that continued to slide. Both WTI and Brent set new post-crisis lows but saw sharp reversals on 27th and 28th August last week. Global oil production data remains in its up trend although there are signs from the regions that this may be slowing and reversing. Monthly data revisions continue to obscure the real picture. Continue reading

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Iran nuclear deal could pave way to higher output

In a departure from our usual format, this post simply reproduces a part of the August edition of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Oil Market Report (OMR). It provides a time table for the full return of Iran to the oil market and discusses recent action and consequences. The prospect of an additional 1 Mbpd oil coming to the export market is clearly bearish for the oil price. Continue reading

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Blowout week 87

This week’s Blowout features a drought. Not the California drought, which is hardly unprecedented, but one that is – the drought in major US hurricane landfalls. It is now almost ten years since the last major hurricane made landfall in the US, the longest drought since records began in 1851: Continue reading

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Inter Connectors – who needs them?

In this short post I want to draw attention to a news item (in Danish) I received courtesy of Hugh Sharman detailing a complaint that the Danes have with their German neighbours. The Germans are blocking electricity exports from Denmark, evidently in contravention of EU free trade rules.

“According to latest data from the Energy Watchdog, the inter connector between Denmark and Germany is just available for Danish exports for 14% of the time.” Continue reading

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“Renewable”, “Sustainable” And The Brundtland Commission

The term “sustainable development” was coined and defined in Our Common Future, a report released by the UN World Commission on Environment and Development, more commonly known as the Brundtland Commission, in 1987. Continue reading

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OPEC’s Gigantic Blunder

With WTI falling below $40 and perhaps heading for $20, one needs to wonder if OPEC’s strategy is working out as planned? Why are they following this course and what are their goals? The face value explanation, accepted by many, is … Continue reading

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Blowout week 86

CO2 emissions are in the news in advance of the forthcoming Paris Climate Conference, and now we learn that CO2 emissions from China, the world’s number one emitter, may have been significantly overestimated. Have they? And if they have, how much difference does it make? Continue reading

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Who Killed Hamako Watanabe?

Four months after three reactors melted down at the Fukushima plant following a devastating earthquake and tsunami, Hamako Watanabe and her husband lost their home, their jobs and the prospect of restoring their lives. She doused herself in kerosene and set herself on fire after slipping into depression. Her husband, Mikio Watanabe, found her charred body. “We lost everything,” her widower told CNN in 2012. “We were forced to evacuate. We lost our jobs. I lost my wife in such a terrible way. I really lost everything. Continue reading

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Electricity Supply – Driven by Politics at the Customers’ Expense?

As a spokesman and lobbyist for the electricity sector for many years, I used to describe electricity supply as ‘vital’. But, that under-valued it and as Bill Shankly might have said, ‘Listen, it’s more important than that’. What most electricity customers want is for it to be reliable and affordable. Continue reading

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Green Mythology and the High Price of European Electricity

The price of residential electricity in the EU is correlated with the level of renewable energy installed on a per capita basis. The data shows that more renewables leads to higher electricity bills. The notion that renewable energy is cheap is one of five Green energy myths discussed. Continue reading

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Blowout Week 85

The usual mix below the fold, including the EPA’s unscheduled release of contaminated water from a Colorado gold mine, Poland rations electricity, IEA’s oil market predictions, Venezuela wants an OPEC meeting, wireless charging of EVs, Gazprom to expand Nord Stream, US shale oil gets even cheaper, Scotland needs a supergrid, Sendai nuclear plant threatened by volcano….. Continue reading

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The Renewables Future – A Summary of Findings

Since February 2014 I find that I’ve published 24 posts on renewable energy here on Energy Matters (linked to in order of appearance at the end of the post) . In them I’ve written about wind, solar and tidal power, hydro, biogas, hydrogen and methane, CO2 emissions, interconnectors, exports and imports, energy storage, load management, backup capacity and ramp rates….. Continue reading

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The Oil Price: how low is low?

With West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent close to their January 2015 lows some readers are wondering how these lows compare with historic lows when the oil price is adjusted for inflation (deflated).

To get straight to the point. Brent will need to fall below $30 to match the lows seen in 1986 and to below $20 to match the lows seen in 1998.

Continue reading

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Blowout Week 84

Stories below the fold include: Saudia Arabia borrowing money, BP to invest in N. Sea oil, nuclear risks are all in the mind, renewables self-destructing, Jeremy Corbyn on rooftop solar and nationalization, Germany’s neighbors blocking imports of unwanted German wind & solar…. Continue reading

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Obama’s CO2 Deception

President Obama presented his plan to reduce CO2 emissions from US power generation by 32% by 2030 compared with 2005 levels. Sounds great? Not really since this was already achieved by 2013 – depending on how you slice EIA statistics. So Obama’s ambition is for the USA to achieve nothing in the next 15 years? Continue reading

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How Much Wind And Solar Can Norway’s Reservoirs Balance?

The Skaggerak subsea power cable connects Norway with Denmark. The NorNed cable connects Norway with the Netherlands. By 2019 the Nordlink cable will connect Norway with Germany and by 2021 the NSN cable will connect Norway with the UK. And now Scotland wants to connect with Norway via the NorthConnect link: Continue reading

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Blowout week 83

The usual potpourri of news from around the world below the fold, including layoffs at Shell and Centrica, BP still paying for Deepwater Horizon, an Australian coal mine sells for $1, Fukushima executives charged…. Continue reading

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