Energy Matters came into being in October 2013. The site provides high level analysis of Mankind’s evolving energy system and Earth’s evolving climate system with a strong emphasis on our own interpretation of raw data sets. The site is owned and managed by Dr Euan Mearns but has benefited enormously from the contribution of Roger Andrews who provides about half of the content.

Why Advertise on Energy Matters?

Energy Matters provides a public service through  expert analysis of data and opinion that often runs counter to official sources such as the UK, Scottish and EU parliaments and UN agencies. We are focussed on keeping the lights on in the OECD together with a continuation of prosperity that seems threatened by current energy policies. Companies advertising on Energy Matters can support our endeavour while reaching an audience that is educated on the importance of affordable and reliable energy to society.


Two dynamic advertising slots are available with a target price of £700 / month. Contact euan dot mearns at gmail dot com.


The site has 742 email subscribers and an unknown number of RSS subscribers. Many subscribers have energy industry, science, academic or financial services backgrounds. The  graphic below shows reader locations for the whole of 2016. The UK and the USA are in the lead followed by Germany, France and Canada.

Site Traffic Statistics

The site had over 1,000,000 visits in 2016. Our traffic is not like most other blogs since our articles border on the academic. While a popular post may get 2000 reads in the first week, many go on to become reference articles returning 20 to 50 reads per day in perpetuity thanks to Google. What this means, and of great relevance to advertisers, is that over a month we have a large number of unique visitors, >50,000 in November 2016. Top posts, given time, get 10,000 to 30,000 reads from discerning readers.


Key posts

Roger and I try to write at least one key post per week, often influenced by the events that are going on around us. Recent examples of Key Posts are:

The Gatwick Gusher
UK Blackout Risk Amber warning
Low Oil Prices, Budget Deficits and OPEC
Hinkley Point C or Solar, Which is Cheaper?

Guest posts

We have had the pleasure of hosting a number of very high quality guest posts from some distinguished authors:

Global Warming and the the Irrelevance of Science by Prof Richard Lindzen
Molten Salt Fast Reactor Technology – an Overview by Hubert Flocard
The Balancing Capacity Issue: A ticking Time Bomb Under the UK’s Energiewnde by Hugh Sharman


Blowout presents a weekly roundup of the main energy and climate news in the MSM that we normally post at the weekend. Roger normally compiles the blowout in his inimitable style:

Blowout Week 158
Blowout Week 159

Oil Production Vital Statistics

At the end of each month I produce a summary status of global oil production in about 15 charts based on IEA production data and Baker Hughes rig counts.

Oil Production Vital Statistics November 2016
Oil Production Vital Statistics December 2016

El Hierro

El Hierro is a small island in The Canaries with a newly installed wind and pumped hydro system that is supposed to provide 100% of the islands electricity. Roger Andrews has been following the data.

El Hierro Portal

UK Grid Graphed

UK Grid Graphed is a feature that provides monthly electricity production charts for the UK based on BM Reports as provided by Gridwatch for the years 2012, 13, 14, 15 and 16 together with summary annual production charts.

Global Energy Graphed

Global Energy Graphed is a new feature under development where we hope to archive several hundred live charts that describe the changing face of the global energy system.