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The World’s First “Climate Refugees”

As one of the lucky winners of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s $1 billion National Disaster Resilience Competition, some 60 Native American residents of the Isle de Jean Charles in the Mississippi Delta will shortly be relocated to a place safe from the relentless sea level rise that has supposedly destroyed most of their island. This will make the island’s residents the US’s – and arguably the world’s – first certified, card-carrying climate change refugees. This post addresses the questions of a) whether they really are victims of climate change and b) whether we might now see a rapid increase in their numbers. The conclusions are a) no they aren’t and b) no we won’t – moving people is far too expensive. Continue reading

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The DECC Pathways Calculator – A False Prophet

In a comment on the recent power-to-methane post I made the following observation:

“It would be an interesting exercise to take a high-renewables-penetration DECC scenario that meets UK emissions targets, convert it to hourly generation by factoring actual Gridwatch generation and compare it to demand for, say, 2013 or 2014. I’d be willing to bet the UK would be freezing in the dark for much of the time during the winter.”

Well, the interesting exercise is now complete and this post documents the results. Continue reading

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Are we running out of oil, gas and coal?

by Roger Andrews In March 1956 M. King Hubbert delivered the landmark paper in which he predicted that US oil production would peak around 1970 and then begin to decline. No one took much notice. It was, after all, difficult … Continue reading

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Bill Gates on the High Cost of Being Poor

The real problem for Gates and other holier-than-thou billionaires who got lucky and got rich on the back of cheap energy is that nobody is interested in their whine. Transition away from fossil fuels, to renewables, is a century-long process and, like Gates admits, the low income countries really don’t have the time to waste. The need energy right now, like he also admits. Continue reading

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“The future of oil supply” – special edition of The Royal Society

Were they crying “Wolf”? Concerns about “peak oil” have recurred repeatedly since the resource was first developed, but they reached an unprecedented height in 2007 just prior to the global economic recession. Continue reading

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