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Under construction. We are experimenting with Google Sheets and publishing live charts where updating source data and charts here in Aberdeen, via Google, will automatically update charts on the blog. This opens the possibility of publishing several hundred global energy charts. Access will eventually be paywalled.

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International Energy Agency

Oil Production


Oil Production/Consumption
Gas Production/Consumption
Coal Production/Consumption
Nuclear Consumption
Hydroelectricity Consumption
Wind Consumption
Solar Consumption

Energy Information Administration

Oil Prices

Baker Hughes

Rig Counts

Data sources:

Abbreviations used

  • IEA = International Energy Agency
  • Mbbl = million barrels oil (note that the correct abbreviation should be Roman MM)
  • Mbpd = million barrels per day
  • LTO = light tight oil
  • IOC = international oil company

How To Use

The charts are live. Hover the cursor over the chart and you can read data from the database. For example, if you want to know what Saudi crude oil production was in November 2016 according to the IEA, simply hover the cursor over Nov 2016 and the answer is there. Of course you can also go to the IEA OMR web site and download the pdf and find Saudi Arabia in Table 3 if you have time to do so.

Terms of Use

These charts cannot be grabbed as jpeg or png graphics in the normal scheme of internet publications. But you can easily make a high quality screen capture. On a Mac it is “command shift 4” that provides the cross hairs to make a screen capture. If you wish to reproduce a chart in a blog or press posting then it is essential that the attributions are included in the graphic and that links are provided to the source page on Energy Matters and the IEA OMR in the narrative.