Global Total Liquids

TOTAL Fig 1 The Middle East OPEC countries do not include natural gas liquids (NGLS). All other regions are reporting crude oil + condensate + NGLs.

TOTAL Fig 2 The lower “Total Crude Oil” category shows the data plotted in TOTAL Fig 1 (above). The chart shows how a significant component of the growth in total liquids has come from NGLs and biofuels. Processi… – refinary processing gains

TOTAL Fig 3 same as TOTAL Fig 2 but not zero scaled in order to show greater detail in the upper bands of data.

TOTAL Fig 4 OPEC natural gas liquids.

TOTAL Fig 5 Global refinery processing gains.

TOTAL Fig 6 Prior to April 2006, the IEA did not report biofuels data. Prior to April 2010 US corn ethanol and Brazilian sugar cain ethanol were reported in the crude oil statistics for these respective countries but separately thereafter. The cycle tops are centred on the N hemisphere summer and presumably reflects seasonal production of core ethanol in the USA.