Oil Drum Posts

In the period July 2006 to September 2013 I wrote and published over 100 articles on The Oil Drum. All of these articles can be found here. The articles covered a vast range of subject material from in depth analysis of oil production and reserves in Saudi Arabia, to UK and European energy supplies and energy security, to news coverage of events such as the Fukushima daiichi reactor melt downs. Below is a categorised selection of my more significant posts.

Oil watch
World Total Liquids Production Nov 12 2012
OPEC Crude Oil Production (IEA) Nov 28 2012
OECD Oil Production (IEA) Dec 5 2012
Rest of World Oil Production (IEA) Dec 7 2012
Global Liquid Fuel Production Trends (EIA data) Dec 10 2012
North America Liquid Fuel Production Dec 14 2012
Europe and North America – Total Oil Products Demand Dec 20 2012
Reconciliation of JODI and EIA C+C Production Data Jan 17 2013
Drill Baby Drill Jan 30 2013

Saudi Arabia and Middle East oil production and reserves
Saudi Arabia and that $1000 bet Mar 7 2007
Saudi production laid bare March 19 2007
GHAWAR: an estimate of remaining oil reserves and production decline (Part 1 – background and methodology) April 25 2007
GHAWAR: an estimate of remaining oil reserves and production decline (Part 2 – results) April 27 2007
Ghawar reserves update and revisions (1) May 2 2007
Saudi Arabia – production forecasts and reserves estimates August 30 2007
Middle East OPEC reserves revisited Dec 3 2010
OPEC spare capacity, rig count and the big picture June 29 2011

UK and European energy supplies and security
Oil export – import model for the UK Sep 20 2006
EU oil imports set to grow by 29% by 2012 Oct 3 2006
The architecture of UK offshore oil production in relation to future production models Nov 30 2006
UK Energy Security Jul 26 2007
The European Gas Market Dec 11 2007
Daddy, will the lights be on at Christmas? Dec 20 2007
European Gas Security: The Future of Natural Gas May 13 2008
Is Europe Running Low on Natural Gas? Jan 4 2009
North Sea Petroleum Reserves Oct 5 2009
Cost of energy imports to UK trade balance Oct 21 2010

Lead up to the 2008 crash
Why oil costs over $120 per barrel May 30 2008
Why oil costs over $130 per barrel: the decline of North Sea Oil June 9 2008
Energy Prices, Inflation and Denial June 11 2008
A State of Emergency June 25 2008
The Global Energy Crisis and its Role in the Pending Collapse of the Global Economy Nov 3 2008

Energy efficiency
HYDROGEN – grease to the elbow of Scottish power? Oct 15 2006
The energy efficiency of energy procurement systems Feb 2 2009
The energy efficiency of cars
Carbon capture and storage Mar 11 2009
The House That Randy Built Sep 21 2013