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Energy Matters has just changed to a new host. The site was copied by the new host on 24 th June and activated there on 26 th June. The activation process is not instantaneous everywhere, was initiated at 11:00 am in the UK but can take over 24 hours to propagate throughout the world. For all of yesterday I was seeing a ghost version of my site but got transferred to new version around 10 pm yesterday. I’m guessing that over 95% of the world is now seeing the site on the new host, but I know of some individuals who are not. If you cannot see this post then you are still seeing a ghost of the old host 😉

During the transition period there are two versions of the site on the go. Unfortunately all content generated between the time of copy and the time of going live is lost including the post called “ISIS, Iraq, Kurdistan and Oil”. I have a copy of this that I am away to re-post. I’m afraid a few comments have been lost during this process and I apologise for that.

Site traffic has been growing steadily but it is a Hell of a lot of work. At some point I need to raise significant funds to buy in site maintenance and marketing help. The top posts so far have been:

What is the real cost of shale gas? 6097 reads
UK North Sea Oil Production Decline 3868 reads
Parasitic wind killing its host 3000 reads

Thanks to all readers and commenters with a common interest of trying to restore some common sense and pragmatism to the energy world. And many thanks also to my guest posters and to those who have already found their way to the donate button 😉

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