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Oil and Gas Production in N America

This post provides an overview of N American oil and gas production utilising the growing mountain of charts to be found in Global Energy Graphed. These charts show the parlous state of the Mexican oil and gas industry that will be the focus of this post. Oil production is down nearly to the point where Mexico will cease oil exports. Gas production is down and Mexico has already become a serial gas importer. Drilling has virtually come to a halt. Continue reading

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Oil Production Vital Statistics August 2016

World total liquids bounced by a further 790,000 bpd in July partly on the back of continued recovery in Canada. Total liquids now stand at 97.01 Mbpd, down a meagre 70,000 bpd since July 2015.

The oil price staged a modest cyclical rally in August to close at $48.5 (Brent) on August 19th. Robust production from OPEC and Russia combined with large inventories hanging over the market makes me inclined to agree with Art Berman who speculates that prices will remain range bound between £38 and $52 in the near term. Continue reading

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OECD oil production update July 2013

OECD oil production is rising once again. In the North Sea, production peaked at 6.82 million barrels per day (mmbpd) in November 1999 and has since fallen 56% to 2.98 mmbpd. This decline has been more than compensated by rising production in N America. The N American low point was 12.9 mmbpd in October 2008 and has since been lifted by shale oil and tar sands production to 17.1 mmbpd, a rise of 4.2 mmbpd. Continue reading

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