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Primary Energy in The European Union and USA Compared

The EU has a larger population and smaller land area than the USA resulting in a population density 3.6 times that of the USA. European citizens therefore have less land available to service the energy needs of its citizens. This combined with different approaches to energy policy has led to the EU now importing 55% of it energy needs while the USA imports only 10%. The USA is well on its way to energy independence. This could have foreign policy and defence implications where the UK and USA has divergent priorities to Europe. Continue reading

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EU 2020 Renewable Energy Targets: Part I

The progress being made in attaining the 2020 renewable energy (RE) targets is reviewed for 10 EU countries and for the EU as a whole using BP 2015 data. There are two main targets to be met 1) 20% of all primary energy from RE sources and 2) 10% of transport fuel from RE sources. The EU as a whole is projected to narrowly miss the 20% RE target by about 1%. The transport fuel target is less easy to estimate but will likely by missed by a substantial margin. Continue reading

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EU to Introduce Two New Time Zones

Earlier today Mr Donald Trunk, EU Commissioner for Social Adjustments, launched an initiative that will see two new time zones introduced before the end of 2017. Mr Trunk explained that spreading electricity demand more evenly across the continent will help integrate the new electricity market and reduce peak demand. What better way to achieve integration than to divide the continent into 5 time zones? Continue reading

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CO2 Emissions – Who Are Europe’s “Dirty Men”?

In his recent Emissions Reduction, Renewables and Recession post Euan Mearns made the following statement: “In terms of CO2 reduction (i.e. lack of it), Poland, Norway and Germany are the dirty men of Europe.” As we shall see Euan’s claim is broadly correct, but the success a country has had or not had in reducing its CO2 emissions is only one of a number of indicators that can be used to gauge its carbon dirtiness (or cleanliness). Here I use five different ones to rank 26 European countries by carbon cleanliness/dirtiness to identify who the dirty men of Europe really are. Continue reading

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CO2 Emissions Reduction, Renewables and Recession

EU CO2 emissions have fallen by 17% since 2008. Does this vindicate the energy policy mandating 20% of total energy from renewables by 2020? For member countries, a comparison of the per capita wind + solar installed capacity in 2014 with the CO2 reduction in each country 2008-2014 has no correlation (R2 = 0.01). At face value, installing wind and solar devices appears to make no difference to CO2 emissions reduction. Continue reading

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Inter Connectors – who needs them?

In this short post I want to draw attention to a news item (in Danish) I received courtesy of Hugh Sharman detailing a complaint that the Danes have with their German neighbours. The Germans are blocking electricity exports from Denmark, evidently in contravention of EU free trade rules.

“According to latest data from the Energy Watchdog, the inter connector between Denmark and Germany is just available for Danish exports for 14% of the time.” Continue reading

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Is the European Renewable Energy Bubble About To Burst?

Well, is it? You would certainly never think so from Figure 1, which shows renewables generation in the EU28 more than doubling between 2003 and 2014 and continuing to grow at a healthy clip. Nor from Figure 2, which shows the EU28 on track to meet its target of obtaining 27% of its energy from renewables by 2030 with room to spare. Continue reading

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Blowout week 56

This week we condense OPEC, oil prices, Ukraine, Russia, energy shortages, climate change, terrorism, the European Union, Fukushima, Ed Davey and everything else that ails the world into one featured article: Continue reading

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Wind and Solar Reach 7.5% of EU+ generation in 2012

BP data suggest that wind and solar accounted for 7.5% of EU+ electricity generation in 2012. So, is this a triumph or not? Continue reading

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