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Energy Prices in Europe

A few days ago a link to a UK government report called Quarterly Energy Prices landed in my in box. At the end was a series of interesting charts comparing liquid fuel, natural gas and electricity prices across Europe. This post presents these charts alongside some simple but rather interesting observations. Continue reading

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CO2 Emissions Reduction, Renewables and Recession

EU CO2 emissions have fallen by 17% since 2008. Does this vindicate the energy policy mandating 20% of total energy from renewables by 2020? For member countries, a comparison of the per capita wind + solar installed capacity in 2014 with the CO2 reduction in each country 2008-2014 has no correlation (R2 = 0.01). At face value, installing wind and solar devices appears to make no difference to CO2 emissions reduction. Continue reading

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European and UK Gas Security

Will the Lights be on at Christmas? Almost certainly yes. The biggest blackout risk will come later in the New Year at around tea time on a weekday in February or early March. The weather poses one of the most significant risks where a prolonged cold calm spell could see European gas stocks run down. The Ukrainian Civil war may see supplies cut and this may have a bad impact upon East Europe and perhaps Italy. But for so long as Nord Stream remains supplied I don’t see Russian risks to West European supplies. Continue reading

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Three Nails in the Coffin of Peak Oil

Drill baby drill. This final slide depicts the very different attitudes to energy policy on either side of the Atlantic pond. The USA, still dominated by free market policies, private ownership of mineral rights and the fossil fuel industries, has pursued a very different course to Europe that is pre-occupied with unilateral emissions reduction policies. So far, this unilateral EU action has achieved essentially zero on the emissions front, any savings made in Europe being wiped out by increased emissions else where. Continue reading

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The Fantasy of European Gas Independence

Indigenous and North African supplies of gas to Europe declined by 50 million tonnes per annum over the last decade and are likely to decline by a similar amount in the next.

Imports of LNG from the USA and development of indigenous shale gas may compensate for some of the decline in legacy supply, but it is difficult to imagine that these new sources can begin to substitute for Russian imports of 140 million tonnes per annum. Continue reading

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Post-peak Algeria?

Algerian exports of oil and gas, mainly to Europe, peaked in 2005 and have since fallen by 24% / 628,000 barrels oil equivalent per day. Those countries thinking of switching supplies from Russia had best not look to Algeria, N Africa’s biggest gas producer and exporter. Continue reading

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European gas security

The loss of 14 bcm/y Dutch gas production adds to Europe’s energy supply / energy security woes. Pending decline of Norwegian gas production will make the energy security situation worse. Continue reading

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The Primary Energy Tale of Two Continents

European leaders and policy makers need to understand one simple point. There is an urgent need for the continent to produce vast amounts of new primary energy. Continue reading

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Brave Green World and the Cost of Electricity

Approximately 50% of the recent rise in electricity bills may be attributed to the rise in natural gas and coal prices. The rest may be down to the UK government’s Green, CO2 abatement measures. Continue reading

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Shale gas myths and reality – part 1

With European energy security draining away, any discussion about our energy future should begin with energy security, price and a rounded assessment of the impact that new energy supplies may have upon our environment. European primary energy production peaked at 1136 million tonnes oil equivalent (mmtoe) in 1997 and has since fallen 15% to 970 mmtoe in 2012[1]. Continue reading

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LNG Heading East

This is an energy story about an earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster, escalating gas prices, global LNG heading East and the inability of Europe to address the problem of its energy security draining away. While the USA is drilling, Europe is contemplating it’s futile stand against global CO2 emissions and deploying wind turbines and solar panels. Continue reading

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European gas flows 2011

The map shows physical gas flows in Europe in 2011. It was compiled by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) based on data from the International Energy Agency (IEA). Click on map to get a larger version. … Continue reading

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