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EU 2020 Renewable Energy Targets: Part I

The progress being made in attaining the 2020 renewable energy (RE) targets is reviewed for 10 EU countries and for the EU as a whole using BP 2015 data. There are two main targets to be met 1) 20% of all primary energy from RE sources and 2) 10% of transport fuel from RE sources. The EU as a whole is projected to narrowly miss the 20% RE target by about 1%. The transport fuel target is less easy to estimate but will likely by missed by a substantial margin. Continue reading

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Blowout week 25

A crazy set of stories this week: the evolving and confusing situation in Iraq; the  Ukraine – Russia – Europe gas crisis that is hand made in Ukraine; global warming doctrine continues to unravel; the fantasy worlds of UK and … Continue reading

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The Fantasy of European Gas Independence

Indigenous and North African supplies of gas to Europe declined by 50 million tonnes per annum over the last decade and are likely to decline by a similar amount in the next.

Imports of LNG from the USA and development of indigenous shale gas may compensate for some of the decline in legacy supply, but it is difficult to imagine that these new sources can begin to substitute for Russian imports of 140 million tonnes per annum. Continue reading

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The Failure of Kyoto and the Futility of European Energy Policy

The Kyoto Protocol, designed to limit CO2 emissions from industrialised nations was adopted in 1997. The first commitment period began in 2008 and ended in 2012. These landmark dates are marked by arrows on Figure 1. In this period, the … Continue reading

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