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US GDP, Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions

A review of the structure of US GDP, imports and exports shows that none of these variables has contributed to the fall in US CO2 emissions post-2008 finance crash. The main contributions to reduced CO2 come from high energy prices and recession (36%), gas substitution for coal (20%) and growth in wind and solar (15%) which more or less corroborates the findings of Roger Andrew’s in his recent post on this topic. Continue reading

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Goodluck Nigeria – a failed State

Average per capita GDP has grown in recent years on the back of rising oil price but stands at a little over $1000 per annum. Per capita energy consumption (excluding wood) is 0.12 tonnes oil equivalent per annum, a tiny fraction of N African neighbours. Continue reading

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Getting the Economics Numbers Right

All numbers are wrong, the only question is by how much. Continue reading

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Libya – energy, population and economy

Europe has only 4 contiguous suppliers of imported gas and oil. Russia to the East is by far the most important and to the South, Algeria, Egypt and Libya. Britain and France bombed Libya into submission in 2011. The outcome to date is likely not what was planned. Continue reading

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Post-peak Algeria?

Algerian exports of oil and gas, mainly to Europe, peaked in 2005 and have since fallen by 24% / 628,000 barrels oil equivalent per day. Those countries thinking of switching supplies from Russia had best not look to Algeria, N Africa’s biggest gas producer and exporter. Continue reading

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BRICK oil production update Sep 2013

In September 2013 oil production in the BRICK countries was 19.4 million barrels per day (Mbpd) representing 22% of the global total. In this group, demand growth is outstripping supply growth and the group seems set to become a significant net importer of oil in the years ahead. Continue reading

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