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The European Blackout Risk

At 2000 hours Central European Time on February 8, 2012 combined electricity demand in the UK, France and Germany peaked at a historic high of 231GW during a winter cold snap. This caused no serious problems at the time, but the UK, France and Germany could have a combined total of as little as 210GW of capacity on-line this winter, and if another 231GW demand peak coincides with 210GW of available capacity, demand management will undoubtedly come into effect somewhere. Continue reading

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An Energy Plan for France and the UK

Environmental activist group Bellona report that President Hollande wishes to reduce France’s dependency on nuclear power. It suddenly struck me that France will have nuclear power stations that it no longer needs and the UK needs nuclear power stations that it cannot afford to build. The solution is absurdly simple. The UK can simply contract to buy 20 GW of nuclear power from France while France presses on to modernise its infrastructure by deploying more bio-energy, wind and solar power. Continue reading

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CO2 Emissions Reductions – What History Teaches Us

Historical data show that if a country wishes to cut its CO2 emissions by a meaningful amount it has two options that can be guaranteed to work – expand nuclear or reduce energy consumption. There are as yet no clear instances of a country achieving significant CO2 reductions by expanding intermittent renewable energy. Continue reading

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Blowout Week 55

The verdict is in. 2014 was the warmest year on record: Or was it?

Stories on oil prices, OPEC, layoffs in the petroleum industry, Russia losing its natural gas clout in Europe, France wanting more nuclear plants, blades falling off wind turbines in Scotland, the US Senate voting on whether climate change is real, energy storage using methane and a hybrid wind/solar generator below the fold: Continue reading

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Gridwatch UK December 2014

This is the first in what I hope will become a monthly series chronicling the UK generation statistics from BM reports and Gridwatch that will be archived on the main menu bar above. As the database grows it will become possible to identify seasonal and temporal, policy driven, changes to the UK grid. But for now I will let the charts speak for themselves. Continue reading

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Gridwatch France

Engineer Leo Smith developed the Gridwatch web resource to record UK power generation from various sources as reported by Balancing Mechanism (BM) reports. Power generation data for the UK are now available since 2009. Since November 2014, Gridwatch has also been recording generation data in France (thank you Leo) and this post is a first look at these data. The data cover only the period since November 20th, 2014 and are not always of top quality, but there’s enough information to provide some interesting insights. Continue reading

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France Wakes Up to the Fragile Case For Nuclear Power

because any rapid retirement of the existing 58 or 60 nuclear power plants would create a fantastic spending need for replacing them, far above 300 billion euros. The French response is classic: kicking the can down the road by raising NPP “safe operating lifetimes” from 30 to 40 years, and then possibly to 50 years or more. Continue reading

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Blowout week 3

32 news stories from the last week covering climate change, nuclear, renewables, shale, energy security and the Middle east Continue reading

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Energiewende: Germany, UK, France and Spain

This week’s main post will be titled “The failure of Kyoto and the futility of European Energy Policy” and in this context I wanted to have a quick look at German energy consumption since Germany has come to symbolise the … Continue reading

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