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Blowout Week 156 – Christmas Eve

This week it’s back to OPEC, which recently agreed to cut its output by 1.2 million bpd in an attempt to increase oil prices supplemented by an additional 0.5 million bpd from Russia + other non-OPEC producers. What does this portend for the oil market? Industry opinion is unanimous. No one knows: Continue reading

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Blowout Week 141

In this week’s Blowout: Bumper wheat harvest in hottest year; OPEC output falls sharply in August; Apache Corporation makes billion barrel find; Caspian Sea set to add 200,000 bpd; Hurricane Energy finds more oil West of Shetland; US rigs up 7; Rosatom to build 16 nukes in Saudi; Iran begins work on second nuke; UK government may take a stake in Hinkley and renegotiate deal; Corbyn to ban fracking; coal prices surge; global coal consumption rising; 100% renewables in Costa Rica; one new turbine a day in Scotland; US may outlaw biomass in power sector; renewable heat strategy failing in UK; Spain replaces old solar modules; global warming causes profanity. Continue reading

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Drought, El Niño, Blackouts and Venezuela

It’s fashionable these days to blame everything that goes wrong with anything on human interference with the climate, and we had yet another example last week when President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela fingered drought, El Niño and global warming as the reasons Venezuela’s lights keep going out. In this post I show that his Excellency has not a leg to stand on when he makes these claims, but that because no one ever looks at the data everyone believes him. Continue reading

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Can Geology Tell Us What is Warming the Climate?

On Monday this week, and rather late in the day, Dr Colin Summerhayes from the Scott Polar Institute, Cambridge University, left this lengthy comment at the end of the thread on Prof. Richard Lindzen’s post called Global Warming and the Irrelevance of Science. I wanted to respond to some of the points raised…. Continue reading

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Is Global Warming Quickening?

On Monday 14th March, Channel 4 News (UK terrestrial news channel) carried a report on catastrophic February warming and involved two distinguished UK climate scientists. What was said was so far away from the physical reality that I experience here on Earth that I was left wondering if they were talking about the same planet. So I have done a little digging. Continue reading

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Blowout Week 113

This week Nicholas Stern is in the spotlight followed by US shale producers are finally buckling – or are they? Plus the budding US/Russia natural gas war, China now number one in wind, nuclear power plant costs, EDF calls for EU market reform, German solar “too much of a good thing”, Drax threatens a shutdown, the Didcot accident, Swansea tidal has a competitor, Solar Scotland, the ITER nuclear fusion machine, another battery storage breakthrough, the global warming pause is real and sea levels are rising faster than ever. Continue reading

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Global Warming and the Irrelevance of Science

Guest essay by Richard S. Lindzen, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Sciences (Emeritus) Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This is the text of a lecture delivered on August 20, 2015 to the 48th Session: Erice International Seminars on Planetary Emergencies

In many fields, governments have a monopoly on the support of scientific research. Ideally, they support the science because they believe objective research to be valuable. Continue reading

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Surface versus satellite; the temperature data set controversy

This post follows on from Euan Mearns’ recent posts on record heat and the Ratpac data set. My goals are:
* To clarify some points regarding what the satellite and “surface” temperature records are really telling us.
* To see if we can define which temperature sets are reliable and which aren’t. Continue reading

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Will the ice in the Arctic Ocean disappear?

The IPCC and climate science community are telling the world that the Arctic ocean may some time soon be free of sea ice in summer. Countries bordering the Arctic basin, and some beyond, are clamouring to lay claim to oil and gas reserves rumoured to lie below the seabed.

The sea ice record of the Arctic is in two parts. The satellite era record begins in 1979. Prior to that it is based on human, surface observations. Splicing the two methods together may clearly present problems…… Continue reading

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Blowout Week 92

Bankers are in the news this week. We begin with Mark Carney …. and follow up below the fold with a plea for climate action from six major US banks. And then the usual mix of stories, including OPEC production up in September, Mexico’s leasing program back on track, Shell pulls the plug in the Arctic, how choking wells will save shale oil, the fusion future, no winter gas shortage in Europe, Japan to restart another reactor…. Continue reading

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The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation and the Temperature Record

The AMO fluctuates between cold and warm phases on a quasi 66 year cycle, 33 years warming followed by 33 years cooling, and is modulated by strengthening and weakening of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) [1]. The AMO has been in warm phase since around 1995 with consequences for climate in the circum N Atlantic domain. Continue reading

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Climate Change and Carbon Emissions – The Case for Business-As-Usual

…. Recognize that at present our only defense against the impacts of global warming, assuming they eventuate, is adaptation. We therefore redirect the billions of dollars we presently spend each year on attempts to cut emissions towards more productive projects, such as sea walls, flood protection, improving crop resilience etc. Continue reading

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What’s Really Wrong With the Global Surface Temperature Record

Recently there has been much discussion as to whether the homogeneity adjustments applied to raw surface air temperature records by GISS, NCDC, CRU and BEST might not have manufactured a lot of the global warming allegedly caused by man-made greenhouse gases. Here I look briefly into this question, but more deeply into into the question of whether the published “surface temperature” time series that are presently used to evaluate global warming, such as HadCRUT4, GISS LOTI and NCDC land & ocean, are fit for purpose. Continue reading

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Record Arctic Warmth – in 1937

In this post I take a look at the GHCN V2 records for 32 stations in the Arctic and sub-Arctic areas of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the adjacent part of Russia (Figure 3). The data throw up some surprising results. Continue reading

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GWPF Launches Enquiry into Integrity of Temperature Data

The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF), Lord Lawson’s London based climate change think tank, has launched an enquiry into the integrity of data used to reconstruct global time-temperature series. These time-temperature reconstructions provide the core evidence that Earth’s lower troposphere is warming in response to rising CO2 levels. Continue reading

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Averaging Temperature Averages

I sent a link to my recent post The Hunt For Global Warming: Southern Hemisphere Summary to Professor Richard Muller at Berkeley drawing attention to the gulf between Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) for southern hemisphere land and the compilations produced by Roger Andrews and I (Figure 1) in the hope that he or his group may help us to understand where the discrepancies may lie. He passed this on to Steven Mosher to respond and we exchanged several emails. Continue reading

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Blowout Week 68

This week we feature the forthcoming UK general election. How might the results impact future UK energy policy?

More below the fold, including the latest pronouncements of OPEC, oil prices and the US Fed, layoffs at Schlumberger, yet more problems for Hinkley Point, the California drought, the EU to sue Gazprom, US tree exports to Europe and how global warming will cause giant super-fast spiders.
Continue reading

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The Hunt For Global Warming: Southern Hemisphere Summary

In recent months I’ve had a series of posts looking at the temperature histories of a number of land areas in the Southern Hemisphere [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. This was in response to a post by Roger Andrews where he presented an analysis of about 300 climate stations from the Southern Hemisphere that, when combined, showed substantially less warming than the reconstructions presented by various groups (BEST, GISS, HadCRUT) [6]. I found this to be both intriguing and important and wanted to see if I could replicate Roger’s result. Continue reading

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On the Origin of a Permafrost Vent on Yamal Peninsula, Russia

In my recent post on temperature history around Moscow, Alexander posted a link to a vent in Siberian permafrost that sparked some interesting discussion. Syndroma followed up with a link to a paper that described the feature. I have two motives for writing this post. The first is to describe some aspects of the geology of this area and the vent which I find to be quite extraordinary. And the second is to highlight some commentaters’ obsession with seeking to explain all natural phenomena such as this one by anthropogenic global warming and to block out all other explanations no matter how plausible they may be. Continue reading

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The Hunt for Global Warming: Moscow and Urban Heating

34 climate stations centred on Moscow are divided into three groups: 1) Large cities over 1 million 2) large towns and small cities 20,000 to 1 million and 3) Rural 20,000 and less.

The warming trend through the large cities is +2˚C since 1880. The warming trend through the rural records is +1.2˚C since 1880. The large towns and small cities lie close to but slightly warmer than the rural records. There is clear evidence for urban warming. Continue reading

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