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Oil Production Vital Statistics May 2016

The big news in April’s production numbers is the surge in global production by 250,000 bpd that is largely down to a 300,000 bpd surge from Iran that the IEA now deems to be producing at capacity. The oil price rally continued through May into June with Brent now over $50 supported by the Fort McMurray black swan and growing unrest in the Niger Delta that the WSJ reports has knocked 1 Mbpd off Nigeria’s production. Continue reading

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Blowout Week 127

Global temperatures falling, two Illinois nuclear plants to close, UK solar house-holds to pay insurance for grid access, more threats from Niger Delta Avengers, gas guzzler sales rise, first oil shipment from Yamal, Merkel puts brakes on the Energiewende, fule shortages in France, UK to reconsider coal shutdown, more islands seek 100% renewables, a brighter future for North Sea oil, microbe energy storage, Brexit, US-Russia nuclear cooperation, the Fukushima “ice wall” and why the world isn’t going to meet the 2˚C warming goal. Continue reading

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Blowout week 125

Fire at Ivanpah Concentrated Solar Plant in California, Trump to renegotiate Paris climate deal if elected, Portugal runs on renewables for 4 days, the Saudi bond issue, Anglesey nuclear plant moves ahead, EU plan causes nuclear uproar in Germany, Japan lagging in divesting coal, South Australia running on renewables, Tory MPs favor Swansea Bay tidal, Nigerian militants control the global oil market, a cabinet shuffle in Scotland, Portland, Oregon bans “climate change denial” books in schools, possible blackouts in Southern California, Google’s human flypaper and Pakistan digs mass graves for anticipated future climate change victims. Continue reading

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Energy in Africa: Electricity S of Sahara

The UN has suggested that Africa, the poorest continent on Earth, should skip over an industrial revolution built on fossil fuels (FF) and move directly to renewable sources.

The UN claims: “Four-fifths of all electricity in Eastern and Southern Africa is currently generated from carbon-intensive fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil or coal.”

While in fact Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Mozambique and Angola already get 78% of electricity from hydro and geothermal sources. Continue reading

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Goodluck Nigeria – a failed State

Average per capita GDP has grown in recent years on the back of rising oil price but stands at a little over $1000 per annum. Per capita energy consumption (excluding wood) is 0.12 tonnes oil equivalent per annum, a tiny fraction of N African neighbours. Continue reading

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OPEC oil production update July 2013

OPEC production has been bumping along a plateau of around 35 million bpd since 2005, that is despite prolonged record high oil prices. Continue reading

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