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A Christmas Conundrum

Q2 Let us imagine that consumers could buy and store renewable electricity very cheaply when it is windy using a programable smart meter. But the way the market is rigged the producers get paid their guaranteed high price (FIT or ROC) regardless. If consumers are paying below the FIT or ROC price someone must make a loss. Who is that someone? How is this market supposed to work? Continue reading

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How Much Wind And Solar Can Norway’s Reservoirs Balance?

The Skaggerak subsea power cable connects Norway with Denmark. The NorNed cable connects Norway with the Netherlands. By 2019 the Nordlink cable will connect Norway with Germany and by 2021 the NSN cable will connect Norway with the UK. And now Scotland wants to connect with Norway via the NorthConnect link: Continue reading

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OECD oil production update July 2013

OECD oil production is rising once again. In the North Sea, production peaked at 6.82 million barrels per day (mmbpd) in November 1999 and has since fallen 56% to 2.98 mmbpd. This decline has been more than compensated by rising production in N America. The N American low point was 12.9 mmbpd in October 2008 and has since been lifted by shale oil and tar sands production to 17.1 mmbpd, a rise of 4.2 mmbpd. Continue reading

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