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Blowout Week 160

This week we feature the inauguration of President Donald Trump and what it portends for US (and World) energy policy. After some confusing recent announcements Trump seems to have reverted to form. We continue with, oil production up in Libya and down in China, UK “last hope” for fracking in Europe, nuclear shutdown in New York, California nuclear shutdowns frustrate renewable energy goals, Russia lends $11 billion to Bangladesh to build nuclear plant, Ontario’s failed coal closure initiative, Wyoming to ban utility-scale renewables, Saudi Arabia to become a renewable energy powerhouse, 790GW of untapped wind & solar in SE Europe, Germany can’t admit Energiewende blunder, Scotland targets 66% emissions cut in 15 years, Ikea refuses to invest in more renewables in UK, UK wave power “far too costly”, energy bills and the plight of UK pensioners, too much sun in Yorkshire, the Paris Agreement to cost $100 trillion and reduce warming by only 0.3C and a hydrogen-powered boat plans to circumnavigate the globe. Continue reading

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UK Electricity Part 3: Wind and Solar

Part 1 of the series on 2050 electricity demand provided a “high electrification” scenario where the average electricity demand was approximately 72GW, but peak demand on exceptionally cold days could reach 121GW.

Part 2 described how this demand could be fulfilled with a nuclear supply model. In Part 3 we have used the same demand model to show how this could be substantially fulfilled with wind and solar power; though relying on significant amounts of storage to match supply and demand, and gas (or biofuel) capacity to operate when storage is insufficient. A number of different scenarios are explored, with the preferred scenario laid out below, adjacent to the nuclear scenario for comparison. Continue reading

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Blowout Week 135

This weeks’s blowout looks into global oil storage capacity, Middle East nuclear power, offshore wind cheaper than nuclear, US heat wave, Poland, coal and Germany, human rights, Brexit and climate change. Continue reading

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Estimating life-time costs for Renewable Energy in Europe

To compare the cost of new renewables (wind and solar PV) with other forms of generation the costs need to be adjusted for capacity factor, length of plant life and running costs. For example, nuclear may run for 60 years with a capacity over 80% while solar PV may last 20 years and have capacity of 10%. Making these adjustments suggests that onshore wind may cost 10 times as much as a gas fired plant while offshore wind and solar PV are 40 times more expensive than gas. Continue reading

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Blowout week 44

24 more stories below the fold, including drones overflying French nuclear plants, Ukrainian separatists to hold elections, Australia’s new climate policy, Russia claiming rights to Arctic oil & gas, inadequate subsidies killing UK offshore wind, solar in the Sahara, shale in the US, rocket fuel from asteroids, how global warming causes harsh winters and endangers US postal workers and how daylight saving causes cyberloafing. Continue reading

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Blowout week 38

This edition of blowout comes from the still United Kingdom. 22 stories in all, about half of those from Roger. Continue reading

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Blowout week 48

This week in Blowout: UK: The argument over high energy prices rumbles on. The government contemplates reducing support for energy efficiency targets – which in my opinion seems to be the exact wrong course to take. Oil companies contemplate delaying … Continue reading

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