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Blowout Week 136

This week’s blowout kicks off with a look at the destiny of waste from the US Camp Century base on Greenland and follows up with the proposed OPEC freeze, more on Hinkley Point, molten salt reactors, Rosatom in Belarus, Westinghouse in Ukraine, peak coal in China, renewable subsidies, Brexit, Ofgem should be scrapped, compressed air energy storage and shale gas in China. Continue reading

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Going green – the Ofgem vision

“…. when there isn’t enough supply to match demand, we generate more and build more cables to carry it. As we decarbonise, simply building more power stations and cables to meet demand when the wind isn’t blowing, or the sun isn’t shining, is neither sustainable nor efficient.” Continue reading

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The Changing Face of UK Power Supply

There are four main points to me made from this post:

1) Dispatchable capacity in the UK has declined 2.1GW since 2004 which is not a material difference since electricity demand has also fallen in that period.
2) The nameplate capacity margin is approximately 13 GW which seems ample contingency for plant outages. Increasing this margin would involve paying companies to keep higher unused capacity in reserve.
3) The risk of capacity failure is always around 6pm on a weekday in winter and only lasts for a few hours each day.
4) 13.5 GW of wind and 7 GW of solar cannot be relied upon to provide any supply at 6 pm on a winter week day when the blackout risk is greatest. Continue reading

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Hydro Balancing Wind in the UK

So why is the UK not using indigenous hydro to balance wind choosing instead to make curtailment payments to wind producers when the wind blows too much? I don’t know the answer. I suspect that turning hydro off would cause our rivers to run dry and producing flat out would produce floods. Continue reading

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Blowout week 51

UK: UK energy news is dominated by the EU calling for an enquiry into Hinkley Point nuclear deal. Ofgem, the UK electricity and gas regulator lays out plans for blackouts [ASTONISHING!] World: Mexico passes law enabling foreign companies to explore for … Continue reading

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It’s cold up north

With energy price rises once again making headlines I feel compelled to chip in with some UK climate data and its bearing on the social justice debate of charging northern Scots more for their gas than the southern English. The … Continue reading

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