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Decarbonising UK Power Generation – The Nuclear Option

How to decarbonise UK Power generation is a topic of heated debate, with renewables enthusiasts often keen to argue that there are a range of obstacles to the use of nuclear generation to meet more than a small proportion of total demand. Reasons cited are availability of space/sites, grid integration and the challenges of meeting variable demand. So, is an all-nuclear UK grid (with the small sleight of hand of pumped storage hydro in support) potentially viable? Continue reading

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El Hierro, January/February 2016 update:

The Gorona del Viento (GdV) plant on the Canary Island of El Hierro is a flagship project designed ultimately to provide the island with 100% renewable electricity. The low-wind conditions that dominated during the last four months of 2015 continued into January 2016, leading to only 22% renewables generation in that month. Much of February, however, was characterized by strong winds, and combined with the 100% renewables tests that were performed this resulted in renewable energy supplying 54% of El Hierro’s grid demand in that month, exceeding the 52% achieved in June/July 2015. Continue reading

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El Hierro – now up to 41 hours of 100% renewables generation

The El Hierro GdV project produced 100% renewables generation between 1 am on February 14 and 17.40 on February 15. But still enough to eclipse the 33 hours of 100% renewables generation achieved at King Island, Tasmania, last November. So congratulations to the GdV project staff. Continue reading

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Estimating Storage Requirements At High Levels of Wind Penetration

In recent posts and comments there have been a number of back-of-the-envelope estimates – including some from yours truly – of how much pumped hydro storage would be needed to bridge some of the low-wind periods that have been registered in the UK. Here I take a closer look at the question of how much wind power storage would be needed at the high-penetration grid scale. Continue reading

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The Coire Glas pumped storage scheme – a massive but puny beast

Coire Glas, therefore, is simply window dressing in efforts to “Green” UK power supply with pylons, turbines and dams. Continue reading

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