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The Hydrogen Economy – More Green Mythology

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on their new draft energy strategy and targets. The new energy strategy in general terms has four main strands:

1) A four-fold increase in renewable energy production by 2030.
2) Embracing a hydrogen economy, especially in the areas of heat and transport.
3) Employing carbon capture and storage to decarbonise CCGT power stations required to balance the grid and H2 production from methane.
4) The phasing out of nuclear power by 2030.

This post will focus on the thermodynamics, efficiency and costs of making H2 via electrolysis of water and steam methane reforming. I calculate costs of £142 / MWh for electrolysis and £100 / MWh for steam methane reforming (SMR). These compare with industrial methane prices of £15 / MWh at odds with multiple claims made by the Scottish Government that hydrogen is a low cost option. Continue reading

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New Renewable Energy Targets for Scotland

The Scottish Government recently launched a consultation on a revised energy strategy. The existing policy is to produce the equivalent of 100% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2020. The new policy is to produce the equivalent of 50% of all energy consumed from renewable sources by 2030 – in 13 years time. Electricity currently represents 22% of energy consumption and we are now at 59% renewables, suggesting that 13% of all energy currently comes from renewable sources. The new plan calls for renewable output to increase approximately 4 fold. It is also planned that our two nuclear power stations will close in this time frame. Continue reading

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