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Blowout Week 152

This week we begin with Trump’ plans for Nigel Farage and continue with the Obama administration’s rush to push more regulations through, Saudis pull out of oil talks with Russia, oil potential in Mexico, pipeline gridlock in Canada, Gazprom pushes ahead with Nord Stream, Swiss to vote on nuclear phaseout, gas to ride to the rescue in France, Canada to phase out coal, snow, coal and gas in Tokyo and Beijing, the Torness nuclear outage, EU to challenge capacity markets, more UK funding for EVs, protected European forests being felled for biomass, Scott, Shackleton and Antarctic ice, how cement absorbs carbon (which is not the enemy) and the Pacific island of Ta’u, now 100% powered by solar. Continue reading

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Blowout Week 120

To provide a little light relief from weightier issues this week’s Blowout features the extraordinary capacity of the human mind to invent new ways of generating low-carbon energy. We already generate biogas from rotting garbage, waste food, vegetable oils and animal manure, and now we generate it from – cheese: Continue reading

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Will the ice in the Arctic Ocean disappear?

The IPCC and climate science community are telling the world that the Arctic ocean may some time soon be free of sea ice in summer. Countries bordering the Arctic basin, and some beyond, are clamouring to lay claim to oil and gas reserves rumoured to lie below the seabed.

The sea ice record of the Arctic is in two parts. The satellite era record begins in 1979. Prior to that it is based on human, surface observations. Splicing the two methods together may clearly present problems…… Continue reading

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NASA Satellite Climatology Data

The data from the Vostok ice core shows clearly that temperature controls atmospheric CO2 levels. That is not to say that CO2 has no impact on temperature, but its impact is modest. NASA satellite derived measurements of troposphere temperatures shows a slowly warming trend of about 1.4˚C per century. A significant part of that will be down to natural warming, some of it down to elevated CO2. The satellite data are consistent with a transient climate response less than 1.5˚C. Satellite data on global cloud cover are inversely correlated with surface temperature, no big surprise. The International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project provides unique insight to global climate change, that is mainly natural, but the data are to large extent ignored. Continue reading

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Blowout week 38

This edition of blowout comes from the still United Kingdom. 22 stories in all, about half of those from Roger. Continue reading

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The Arctic Sea Ice Canary Refuses to Die

In late 2007 the Arctic sea ice area took an unexpected plunge and this event is largely responsible for triggering the Global Warming hysteria of recent years. This led leading warmist James Hansen to declare that man made global warming … Continue reading

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CO2 in, CO2 out

by Roger Andrews Some time ago I posted a graph showing how the IPCC’s 21st century temperature projections for the “worst case” RCP85 emissions scenario could be replicated almost exactly using the IPCC’s CO2 radiative forcing estimates for the scenario, … Continue reading

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The Failure of Kyoto and the Futility of European Energy Policy

The Kyoto Protocol, designed to limit CO2 emissions from industrialised nations was adopted in 1997. The first commitment period began in 2008 and ended in 2012. These landmark dates are marked by arrows on Figure 1. In this period, the … Continue reading

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