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Blowout Week 152

This week we begin with Trump’ plans for Nigel Farage and continue with the Obama administration’s rush to push more regulations through, Saudis pull out of oil talks with Russia, oil potential in Mexico, pipeline gridlock in Canada, Gazprom pushes ahead with Nord Stream, Swiss to vote on nuclear phaseout, gas to ride to the rescue in France, Canada to phase out coal, snow, coal and gas in Tokyo and Beijing, the Torness nuclear outage, EU to challenge capacity markets, more UK funding for EVs, protected European forests being felled for biomass, Scott, Shackleton and Antarctic ice, how cement absorbs carbon (which is not the enemy) and the Pacific island of Ta’u, now 100% powered by solar. Continue reading

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Blowout week 60

The main local story this week is the prospective closure of Longannet, my local 2.4 GW coal fired power station. The SNP, Scottish independence party, is seeking assurance that we can become dependent on English electricity. Elsewhere snow storms in the USA, Turkey and The Middle East have been making headlines. And there is rumour of Congressional hearings into adjusting temperature records. Continue reading

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Met Office storm final briefing – good, bad and ugly

There are three serious omissions 1) snowfall connected to the storms, 2) tides (omitted from summary) and 3) flood defences role in the flooding. The information on sea levels cannot possibly be correct and is presumably a mistake. Continue reading

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Ski Scotland: another global warming paradox

In February 2009, Alex Hill chief government advisor with the Met Office, declared: Scottish ski industry could disappear due to global warming. Current snow reports: Aviemore – All runs have amazing amounts of snow; Glencoe – Soft powdery snow everywhere; Nevis Range – There is really deep snow all over the mountain; Glenshee – too much snow in places. The Met Office now wants to put this down to global warming. Continue reading

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