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The State of the Blog and Sponsorship Appeal

On Wednesday 16th December, after 27 months on line, Energy Matters passed the landmark 1 million views. Below the fold some of the key site statistics are summarised. I am using this opportunity to launch a fund raiser which I have not done before. The target is to raise £100,000 for 2016. Continue reading

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Food, Population, Energy and Climate Change in MENA

According to the UN IPCC AR5 report, climate disasters have not increased in frequency. Food production has kept pace with population growth averting famine thanks mainly to fossil fuels not despite them. And evidence for climate change related drought and food shortages in MENA (Middle East North Africa), the subject of this post, is sparse to absent. Continue reading

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Blowout Week 100

This week: the UN’s disaster scenarios, stalling global CO2 emissions growth, declining public support for climate action, OPEC to hold the line, Iran’s oil contracts, US oil reserves highest in 42 years, Russia’s escalating standoffs with Ukraine and Turkey, nuclear closures in France, grid reliability in Australia, mini-nukes in UK, supercritical coal in India, Abengoa files for insolvency, CO2-absorbing bubble baths, exploding plankton populations and how climate change caused Hitler. Continue reading

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Energy in Africa: Electricity S of Sahara

The UN has suggested that Africa, the poorest continent on Earth, should skip over an industrial revolution built on fossil fuels (FF) and move directly to renewable sources.

The UN claims: “Four-fifths of all electricity in Eastern and Southern Africa is currently generated from carbon-intensive fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil or coal.”

While in fact Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Mozambique and Angola already get 78% of electricity from hydro and geothermal sources. Continue reading

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Poor countries don’t care about climate change

The Lima climate talks have just concluded. Predictably, no substantive agreement was reached. The nations of the world agreed for the umpteenth time that climate change needs to be fixed but remained completely unable to agree as to who should pay for fixing it. For the umpteenth time the rich developed nations said it’s a global problem and everyone should pitch in. For the umpteenth time the poor developing nations said no, you rich guys caused it and should therefore pay to fix it, and besides there’s a clause in the original 1992 UNFCCC agreement that lets us off the hook (which there is). Continue reading

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The New Global Dictator

I wish to make clear at the outset that I am not against renewable energy per se but wish to draw attention to the fact that there is no such thing as a free lunch in the energy world. Renewables are all too often and naively presented as clean, green, free energy. In many cases the exact opposite is true. Continue reading

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Getting the Economics Numbers Right

All numbers are wrong, the only question is by how much. Continue reading

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