The State of the Blog and Sponsorship Appeal 2016

It is that time of year again when I unfortunately must pass round the begging bowl and ask readers to dig deep and make donations to keep me and the blog afloat. The donate button is to the right. It is simple to use via PayPal.  In November the blog had over 50,000 unique visitors. At the end of this post their are links to all 129 posts for the year to date. Corporate readers may want to consider supporting the blog by advertising. Go to the advertisers package.

Why do Roger and I do This?

Comments like this one from Polov provide fair motivation (NB this is comment 24,982):

My thanks and admiration for taking on a task that government and academia have unaccountably shirked. If this blog ended tomorrow, then it would have succeeded in bringing more light to the UK energy debate than anyone since the late, great David MacKay.

And I recently had occasion to visit Roger’s resume that concludes with this statement:

On specific energy and climate issues I’m guided by what the data tell me, not by claims made in the scientific literature. This is why you will find me disagreeing with most of the “consensus” views on climate change but not all of them. My main concern for the future of my three grandchildren isn’t climate change, but that the misguided efforts of the people who want to save the world from it will leave them freezing in the dark.

Energy policies adopted by the UK, EU, UN, OECD, IMF, World Bank and others are based on utopian social visions rather than hard facts, yet they have already come close to deciding the outcome of what should be an open-minded and open-ended inquiry into how best we humans can secure supplies of the energy we and future generations will need to provide warmth, light, shelter, food, security and continued increases in our quality of life. This blog exists to challenge conventional dogma by presenting science- and engineering-based analysis of the Earth – Human energy system and has as its ultimate goal the adoption of affordable energy technologies and strategies that provide energy security and prosperity for all.

Site Stats

The blog is going from strength to strength with over 1 million visits Jan-Nov. Unfortunately one consequence of this success is that we have to go up a couple of gears in web hosting service from the current £287 per annum to £1037 per annum. If you are a wealthy reader, then you can do me a huge favour by picking up this tab.

Figure 1 Site stats as derived from our sever at SiteGround. Unique visits = the number of unique individuals / IP addresses to visit Energy Matters each month. Visits = the number of visits to the blog. Some visit every day, some every week but many only once a month based upon a specific search engine enquiry. Pages = the number of pages viewed = 3.3 per visit.

Figure 2 Origins of site traffic in 2016 according to WordPress. Energy Matters has truly global reach. The top countries of traffic by origin in descending order are the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Mexico.

Roger Andrews

Once again I would like to pay tribute to and thank Roger Andrews who has contributed over half of the content this year with 53 posts and 49 Blowouts. Roger lives up to the claim made in his resume where he examines data and then via series of wonderful charts, endeavours to work out what the data means, regardless of what others may want to believe.

His blowouts also apply great skill in finding and juxtaposing news stories that make extravagant and contradictory claims.

Roger lives near Guadalajara, Mexico and we have never met. I would dearly like to visit this year, finances permitting.

This year’s content

This year so far we have had 129 posts plus 49 Blowouts. These are divided Euan (56), Roger (53) and Guests (20). High quality guest posts are very welcome. The editorial policy is to have a very light touch. Posts are either fit for publication or they are not. Only in exceptional circumstances will I engage in lengthy editorial intervention.

We simply write about what takes our fancy, often following up on recent news. If you are looking for past content, Energy Matters has a good search function (top right). And so, for example, if you want to find all the Blowouts simply enter “blowout” and search. Likewise for “vital statistics” and “El Hierro”.


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Brexit and The Simple Solution

The ERoEI of High Altitude Wind Power

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Oil Production Vital Statistics June 2016

The Peak Oil Paradox

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How long does it take to build a nuclear power plant?

The Hinkley Point C Pantomime

Oil Production Vital Statistics July 2016

Nuclear Options

What is the Real Cost of Oil?

US Shale Oil Production Laid Bare

Oil Production Vital Statistics August 2016

UK Wind Constraint Payments

The Age and Future Size of the Global Nuclear Fleet

USA Energy Independence Day

Aerodynamic Lift – something for nothing?

Primary Energy in The European Union and USA Compared

LCOE and the Cost of Synthetic Jet Fuel

Oil Production Vital Statistics October 2016


Playing the Trump Card: a Tale of Golf, Wind Turbines and Political Expediency

Blackout: the sequel

OPEC Production Data and the Feeble Deal

The Aramco IPO and the Black Art of Estimating Oil Reserves

Oil Production Vital Statistics November 2016

The Glenmuckloch Pumped Storage Hydro Scheme


El Hierro Renewable Energy Project – End 2015 Performance Review and Summary

Hinkley Point C or solar; which is cheaper?

How unprecedented was the UK’s recent wet weather?

Is UK precipitation really becoming more extreme?

Low oil prices, budget deficits and OPEC

Surface versus satellite; the temperature data set controversy

El Hierro – now up to 41 hours of 100% renewables generation

The origins of the 2008 UK Climate Change Act

Going green – the Ofgem vision

El Hierro, January/February 2016 update:

Nuclear capital costs, Three Mile Island and Chernobyl

How to make El Hierro 100% renewable

El Hierro – and the water goes round and round ……

A preliminary reservoir balance calculation for El Hierro.

Is ARES the solution to the energy storage problem?

Is large-scale energy storage dead?

Drought, El Niño, Blackouts and Venezuela

More revelations on Venezuela’s “drought” and the Guri Dam

Net metering and the death of US rooftop solar

Can OPEC “freeze” production, or is it already frozen?

El Hierro, March/April 2016 update:

The Tasmanian “energy crisis”

The World’s First “Climate Refugees”

El Hierro – a change in operating procedures

Did Portugal run for four days on renewables alone?

Do clouds control temperature, or does temperature control clouds?

The revealing numbers on solar employment in the USA.

El Hierro May 2016 update

Solar in Chile

Climate change claims its first species – or does it?

Blackout California

Renewable California

El Hierro completes a year of full operation

Can the UK meet the fifth carbon budget?

Climate science and the UK Climate Change Act

The Eigg renewables project revisited

El Hierro July 2016 performance update

How smart is a smart grid?

The Holy Grail of Battery Storage

An update on the Energiewende

El Hierro August 2016 performance update

Electricity and energy in the G20

Solar PV capacity factors in the US – the EIA data

Emissions reductions and world energy demand growth

Does carbon capture & storage have a future in the UK?

El Hierro September 2016 performance update

A more detailed look at the California grid data

How much more electricity do we need to go to 100% electric vehicles?

El Hierro October 2016 performance update

Death and Climate Change

The European Blackout Risk

France’s nuclear “crisis” and UK energy security

Solar power on the island of Ta’u, a preliminary appraisal


Technical and Economic Analysis of the European Electricity System with 60% RES – A Review
By Dr Phillip Bratby

The myth of US self-sufficiency in crude oil
By Matt Mushalik

The record of recent Man-made CO2 emissions: 1965 -2014
By Ed Hoskins

Global Warming and the Irrelevance of Science
By Prof Richard Lindzen

Can Geology Tell Us What is Warming the Climate?
By Dr Colin Summerhayes

The looming Nordic energy crisis
By Rauli Partanen

How oil price volatility explains these uncertain times
By Tom Therramus

Estimating life-time costs for Renewable Energy in Europe
By Ed Hoskins

CO2 Emissions Variations in CCGTs Used to Balance Wind in Ireland
By Maria Tsagkaraki and Riccardo Carollo

Decarbonising UK Power Generation – The Nuclear Option
By Andy Dawson

Periodicities in solar variability and climate change: A simple model
By Javier

The Energy Return of Solar PV – a response from Ferroni and Hopkirk
By Ferroni and Hopkirk

The UK’s Small Modular Reactor Competition
By Andy Dawson

Atmospheric carbon dioxide – a tale of two timescales
By David Ellard

Imagining Fusion Power
By Robert Hirsch

UK Electricity 2050 Part 1: a demand model
By Alex Terrell and Andy Dawson

UK Electricity 2050 Part 2: A High Nuclear Model
By Alex Terrell and Andy Dawson

UK Electricity Part 3: Wind and Solar
By Alex Terrell and Andy Dawson

The BN-800 Fast Reactor – a Milestone on a Long Road
By Syndroma

Oil and Gas UK 2016 economic report: “a sobering picture”
By Alan Foum

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