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This index is designed to help readers find content. Posts are arranged under 4 categories and within each category, posts are arranged in approximate descending order of popularity. This list will be updated about once a month, last update 21 March 2014.

Global and regional oil supply updates

The Arab Spring – Impact on Oil Production
BRICK oil production update Sep 2013
Global Oil Supply Update July 2013
OPEC oil production update July 2013
OECD oil production update July 2013

Country reports: energy, population and economy

Ukraine: Russia holds all the aces
Egypt – energy, population and economy
Russian Power
Post-peak Algeria?

UK energy supply and demand

UK North Sea Oil Production Decline
Parasitic wind killing its host
Brave Green World and The Cost of Electricity
The changing face of UK electricity supply
UK electricity demand, GDP and energy policy
Energy Matters’ 2050 pathway for the UK
UK oil and gas reserves
UK electricity generation statistics 1920 – 2012
Blackout Britain?

Global energy systems

What is the real cost of shale gas?
Marcellus shale gas Bradford Co Pennsylvania: production history and declines
Shale gas myths and reality – part 1
The Primary Energy Tale of Two Continents
Energiewende: Germany, UK, France and Spain
Correlated wind and incoherent energy policy
LNG Heading East
The Failure of Kyoto and the Futility of European Energy Policy
Electricity supply and demand for beginners

Climate change

The Ice Man Cometh
IPCC AR5: Unprecedented uncertainty
So Foul a Day and the Jet Stream
UK storms and floods – a post-mortem
Met Office storm final briefing – good, bad and ugly

Guest posts

Roger Andrews How Much Windpower can the UK Grid Handle?
Andrew McKillop Putin’s Energy Stranglehold On Europe
Andrew McKillop France Wakes Up to the Fragile Case For Nuclear Power

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