Tories Place Energy Policy at Heart of Manifesto

In a surprise move, The Conservatives have placed the reform of energy policy at the heart of their manifesto launched today pledging to repeal the loathed 2008 Climate Change Act in the first session of the new parliament should they be elected.

At the launch Mr Cameron said:

….The 2008 Climate Change Act is Labour policy of the worst sort. It has enslaved the energy producers to the state with progressively complex regulation that is leading to bankruptcies and nationalisation. It has enslaved the UK government to unrepresentative Green NGOs and their continual whining about CO2 emissions and renewable energy. It is time for Britain to stand up for itself once again.

….Conservatives are in favour of small government and a fair society. Why should pensioners pay more for their electricity in order to line the pockets of wealthy land owners?

Mr Cameron added that Feed In Tariffs (FITs) and Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) would be abolished immediately. There would be no more subsidising of inefficiency. Existing FITs and ROCs would be phased out over 5 years.

Mr Cameron also announced that Britain would build a new fleet of nuclear power stations announcing the formation of a new state owned and funded company to oversee the construction and commissioning phase.

David Cameron wants the UK to build a new fleet of nuclear power stations.

Whilst Conservatives believe that the private sector is best placed to deliver value for the public it is clear that in the case of building new nuclear it has failed to do so in Finland and in France. The State will build and commission twelve new power stations with 36 GW capacity.

The new company, to be called NUKE, was to be headquartered in Glasgow providing up to 5000 skilled engineering and administrative jobs. But the Scottish Nationalists immediately announced their opposition to this plan and the jobs will now go to Manchester instead. Mr Cameron also announced a new £2 billion research program into Thorium reactor technology:

We had hoped that this new world beating research and development facility would be located in Aberdeen to help build a bridge to the future for that city as the oil and gas industry winds down.

But the Scottish Nationalists immediately announced their opposition and the new research facility will now be built near Bristol that has a long tradition in nuclear engineering. When asked what brought about this apparent policy U-turn Mr Cameron said:

When I drove to Balmoral to visit The Queen last summer I was shocked to see once beautiful Scottish countryside now strewn with turbines. I could not believe that the Scottish Government had allowed Scotland to be trashed in this way. I made a pledge to myself  then that we must never allow this to happen to England.

Ed Davey speaking on behalf of the Liberal Democrats said:

This is the best news for the Lib Dems for years. This is bound to be a vote loser for the Tories. We need more wind turbines, not less. We need more pylons, not less. We need to build interconnectors, wave farms, tidal barrages and pumped storage dams to protect our environment. That’s what the public wants and they don’t mind paying more for their electricity when they know that their selfless action today may save a polar bear tomorrow.

When asked to comment Nigel Farage said:

Well the Tories have basically photocopied our energy policy and are trying to make it their own.

When asked if he would form a coalition with the Tories now that they had common ground on energy policy Mr Farage replied:

Yes, UKIP would consider it so long as UKIP’s main election pledge to cut 50p from the price of a pint was honoured.

When asked if the Tories would join a coalition with UKIP Mr Cameron said that he expected to win an outright majority and firmly believed that this new approach to energy would be a vote winner.

The UK General Election takes place on 7th May.

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31 Responses to Tories Place Energy Policy at Heart of Manifesto

  1. G. Watkins says:

    Very funny – if only… at least I assume it’s a spoof.

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  3. Ted says:

    Hahah! Haldway through before I remembered the date!!

  4. Joe Public says:

    Hammer. Nail. Head.

  5. Hugh Sharman says:

    Yup!! You almost fooled me too! If only…..;)

  6. mothcatcher says:

    Great, thanks! If only it were true..
    But, those who wish it were true could actually vote for UKIP, whose policy direction is not very far off this at all… ..and I quite like the the idea of the cheaper pint!

    • UKIP voter says:

      Yes, vote UKIP and look at Roger Helmer site.

    • Euan Mearns says:

      An irony in Scotland is that UKIP don’t field candidates (at least I don’t think they will) since the SNP are the “Independence” party. But the SNP has aligned themselves with The Greens. Confused?

  7. Tom says:

    UKIP are fielding candidates in most Scottish parliamentary constituencies (even have a MEP).

  8. Oh that it would be true.

  9. Peter F Gill says:

    If only it wasn’t April first!

  10. Dave Ward says:

    Brilliant! – I’m going to email this to my (Conservative) MP under the heading “If Only….”

  11. Just for a few minutes there was normality in the universe until the date was remembered and reality stomped through, thank you for a brief nirvana.

  12. Mick J says:

    For a moment there, I nearly had to reconsider my voting intentions. 🙂

  13. gmlindsay says:

    My hopes were raised – even if only for a few minutes!!

  14. Retired Dave says:

    Yeah you had me fooled for a minute Euan – then I realised that it was all a dream (no sorry a nightmare) and the date came back to me.

  15. Hugh Sharman says:

    Not an April Fool

    Caroline Lucas debates Ed Davey this week


    “The Green Deal has been an absolute disaster because, as we predicted at the time, the interest rates were far too high to encourage people to take it up,” Lucas said. “Under this Government, there has been an 80% drop in insulation measures provided for the fuel-poor.”

    ‘Regressive measure’

    Her comments came shortly after Energy Secretary Ed Davey had dismissed criticism of the Green Deal as “scandalous” and “simply not true” during Monday’s panel debate, which was hosted by the Green Alliance. “I do not think insulating one million people’s homes in the last two years is an embarrassment,” Davey said.

    But, according to Lucas, the initiative has in reality been a “regressive measure” that has pulled people into fuel poverty due to its funding method, via the Energy Company Obligation (ECO). “Davey’s protestation that, under this Government, home insulation has been a positive achievement, is disproved by the facts,” the Brighton MP said.”

    etc etc zzzzzz

  16. Hugh Sharman says:

    Not an April Fool–EU-exit-will-lose-UK-its-voice-on-climate-change/?utm_source=weeklynewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=news&utm_campaign=weeklynewsletter

    “Liz Truss (Conservatives), Ed Davey (Liberal Democrats), Caroline Flint (Labour) and Caroline Lucas (Green Party) met at a debate last week to discuss how the next Government would tackle the environment.

    “….all four MPs on the panel agreed that Britain would lose its voice on climate change in the event of a potential split from the Union.

    Britain ignored

    Current Energy Secretary Ed Davey said that, in the run up to Cop21 in Paris – billed as the most important negotiations on climate change ever – negotiating EU membership in Parliament would lose Britain its current position leading the discussions in Brussels on climate change.

    “Do you think that’s going to impress the rest of our European colleagues? Do you think our voice will be heard in those circumstances? It a total disaster; a recipe for Britain’s voice on climate change to be completely neutered and ignored,” Davey said.

    The Lib Dem MP stressed the changes the UK has been able to affect by being a member of the EU, and the various environmental benefits of remaining a Member State. ”

    etc etc zzzzzz

  17. Dave Rutledge says:

    Hi Euan,



  18. Ed says:

    You had me fooled. I wouldn’t anything past those energy illiterate politicians to buy the votes of equally energy illiterate nimby voters.

  19. JerryC says:

    You forgot to include “Euan Mearns appointed Secretary of State for Energy and
    Climate Change”. 🙂

  20. ColA says:

    White House Declares April “Earth Month”

    After Saturday night’s unprecedented success with Earth Hour, the White House announced today that, by Executive Order, April has been declared “Earth Month”, the next step in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

    For the month of April, U.S. residents and businesses are being required to turn off all electrical appliances and lights. A special waiver is being given to electric cars and homes running entirely on solar-powered electricity. Compliance will be monitored by volunteers who report infractions to a special EPA hotline.

    White House press secretary Josh Earnestly stated, “The President’s science advisor has informed us that the resulting reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, especially from coal-fired power plants, will be the same as taking 92 billion cars off the road for 15 years.”

    While hospitals will be inconvenienced as life-saving equipment is shut down, economist Paul Krugman has stated that there will be a significant savings in the health care sector as fewer and fewer patients will eventually be requiring such services. “The U.S. population will, on average, be healthier at the end of the month”, Krugman said.

    When asked how the country can function without using electricity, Josh Earnestly replied, “If North Korea can do it, so can we.” Repeated attempts to reach North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for comment were unsuccessful.

    • Ken (Kulak) says:

      Actually this is no doubt exactly what Obama would like to do if he could get away with it.

  21. Alan Poirier says:

    It’s truly sad when an April Fools Joke makes more sense than the energy policies of the LAB/LIB/CON triumvirate of idiocy.

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