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This project to produce monthly and annual summary graphs for UK electricity supply for 2014 and 2015 is being led by Neil Mearns. The data used to construct these graphs comes from BM Reports and is sourced from Gridwatch, and includes operationally metered sites connected directly to the high voltage transmission system. This data has been integrated with ‘embedded’ generation data (generation units connected to the low voltage distribution system) from the National Grid. National Grid data is reported at 30 minute resolution. Therefore, the data from Gridwatch, which is recorded at five minute resolution, has been converted to thirty minute resolution by averaging the five minute values over every half hour. In instances where the original Gridwatch source data was incomplete, the preceding value that was available was copied to fill the gaps in the dataset. The following information relates to the summary graphs:

‘Nuclear minus pumping’ – electricity produced by nuclear power stations minus power used to pump water into pumped storage reservoirs.
‘Coal’ – electricity from coal burning power stations.
‘Gas’ – electricity from combined cycle gas turbines.
‘Biomass & Other’ – largely electricity from Drax’s wood pellet burners.
‘Hydro’ – electricity from hydroelectric power stations.
‘Pumped’ – pumped-storage hydroelectricity used during periods of high electricity demand.
‘Wind (Metered)’ – electricity generated from operationally metered wind farms.
‘Wind (Embedded)’ – electricity from generation units connected to the low voltage distribution system.
‘Solar’ – embedded solar photovoltaic generation.
‘Interconnectors’ – cables that enable electricity to flow between networks:

French Interconnector – a 2GW bidirectional connector.
Dutch Interconnector – a 1GW bidirectional connector.
Moyle Interconnector – a 500 MW bidirectional connector between Scotland and Northern Ireland.
East-West Interconnector – a 500 MW bidirectional connector from Wales to the Republic of Ireland.

In the monthly stacked summary graphs, ‘metered’ and ‘embedded’ wind generation has been combined as well as ‘hydro’ and ‘pumped’ electricity generation.

To access the graphs click on the 2014 link at the top of this page. Click on graphs to access a large copy that will open in a new browser window.

Neil Mearns is looking for employment. He has an MA (Honours) in Geography from the University of Edinburgh and an MSc in Marine Resource Development and Protection from Heriot-Watt University. Any relevant job, anywhere considered.

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